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Probate and Estate Administration

Probate and Estate Administration

Probate is the process needed to deal with a person’s estate (their assets and liabilities) following their death so that their belongings and savings pass to their intended beneficiaries as detailed in their will or, under the rules of intestacy, where no will has been made.

Our specialist team can sympathetically assist you in collating all the information that is required to make the application for a grant of probate (a legal document which confirms that the executor has the authority to deal with the deceased person’s property, money and belongings), with completion and submission of the Inheritance Tax Account to HMRC and all dealings with the administration of the estate following the grant. We will advise on tax implications of selling assets from the estate and can also deal with income and capital gains tax liabilities arising in the estate. We can administer the estate from start to finish to help relieve you of stress and any awkwardness at what can be a most difficult time.

We provide regular updates throughout the process so that you are kept informed of progress, ensuring that the handling of the estate is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you’re currently in the process of determining your final wishes, the seamless connection between our probate and inheritance tax planning services means that we’re perfectly positioned to help you, not only with the implementation of inheritance tax planning, but also be there to ensure that everything is properly executed at the point of your death.

All the estates that we administer will benefit from a tax efficiency review, potentially leading to significant savings, even if no planning was undertaken during your lifetime. Probate is a sensitive subject and the costs associated can vary greatly. You can always give us a call if you’re uncertain about any aspect of the process on 01782 847952.


Geens are a highly professional company with a friendly face. The teams have, over the last 50 plus years, given us excellent service and have helped us strengthen our financial systems, regulations and ways of working to make sure that we are serving our members and are a strong organisation.

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